The Many Uses of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine can be manufactured artificially by mixing water with other organic and inorganic substances. These substances include sulfates, urea, chloride, creatinine, and phosphates. The primary use of synthetic urine is for laboratory applications. Synthetic urine looks like human urine especially its physical and chemical properties but what is absent in it is waste. Thus, it can be used where real urine cannot be used because of the threat of infectious diseases.

Here are some applications of synthetic urine.

Different urine testing equipment can be calibrated using Synthetic Urine. This is actually the main purpose of synthetic urine. It is not possible to use human urine for this purpose since the composition of the urine varies from one person to another due to many different factors.

If you are a medical student, then you will need synthetic urine when you are being trained to perform urinalysis tests and clinic experiments.

Synthetic urine is also used for many scientific purposes.

In the manufacture of diapers, synthetic urine is very important. In order to determine the quality of the diapers, synthetic urine is used.

There are many who use real urine for urine therapy or for cosmetic purpose but a lot of people find this really disgusting. But if you want to do those therapies then you can use synthetic urine instead. However, synthetic urine is not really recommended for taking in.

Synthetic urine is also used by salesmen and marketers in demonstrating the effectiveness of the cleaning products that they are selling. This is actually being used by almost all salesmen selling cleaning agent. These cleaning agents are used for furniture and carpets.

If you want to play pranks of your friends, you can use synthetic urine to wet their clothes or bed. This prank is less offensive and will have fewer problems than using the real thing.

There are a lot of people who use Whizzinator Touch synthetic urine to pass their drug test. This is a very popular application of synthetic urine. Since it does not contain any waste or evidence of drug use, it can be substituted for real urine. The results of the drug test are guaranteed 100% negative. Even though the people who administer the urine test are well trained in the lab, they will have a difficult time detecting the deception. Synthetic urine perfectly imitates human urine, except for the waste as we have mentioned earlier. Both real and synthetic urine have the same composition and appearance. Today, authorities are spending money if order to fight the use of synthetic urine, but they have not been very successful. There are an increasing number of people now using synthetic urine to pass their drug test in the work place.

These are the many uses of synthetic urine. Just be sure to be it from reputable sellers if you are intending to use it for whatever purpose you have in mind.